Raise Your Glass #1 on Billboard ?

Anxiously waiting for Billboard Hot 100 Chart next week. Everyone on various music forums are saying 'Raise Your Glass' has a great chance this coming week. I hope it gets to #1. I can't believe P!nk has been in the music industry for 10 years and had just 1 number 1 single, that is, not counting Lady Marmalade. Although I admit she has had better songs lyrically, but she deserves to get her second #1. *fingers crossed*

P!nk at the AMA's

I watched the AMA's just to see her performance. Vocally, it's probably one of her worst. But I understand cause she's pregnant and I heard that pregnant women have breathing problems during their first trimester.  The performance was funny and energetic and the last note just about killled me LOL.


Sad Dirty Little Freak

I'm a sad dirty little freak today. P!nk's new mv for Raise Your Glass was supposed to premiere in the UK on Channel 4 but guess what?? Her label decided to postpone it. :(
I was looking forward to it! Damn!!