phuckers (phuckers) wrote,

Funhouse Music Video Behind the Scenes

God!! Doesn't she look gorgeous here??!!!
I want a gif. of the one where she did that lil dance with Dave Meyers. So cute & adorable.

  • Writer's Block: That's good eats

    I don't remember eating anything else but meat and potatoes :P . Still taste just as good now as then.

  • Help!! Need P!nk Avatar

    Hi ONTD-ers :D I'm now a member, finally. Can someone help me with some cool avatars I can use??. Pleeeeeth Thanks <33

  • Writer's Block: Cover me

    I will always love you- Whitney Houston . Original sung by Dolly Parton Babe I'm Gonna Leave you- P!nk. Original sung by Led Zeppelin??

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