P!nk's new single <3. Isn't this song like... perfect?. I was in such a lousy mood and once again she makes me laugh.
Sometimes I feel so much anger inside me, frustration. Then I listen to her and im at peace....I still love u P!nk <333333333

yay! I'm back!!

It's been a long time since I posted.!! I just heard that P!nk has a new album coming out!! Can't wait to hear it. It's called 'Greatest Hits...So Far"! out in early Nov.

AAAnd we're getting a new single called "RAISE YOUR GLASS"....fucking Epic!!.

I'm so excited to hear this cuz it's been far too long and I miss her :(
I want her song to go #1, I hope it does :D

Well, ttyl.
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lost my job :(

to tell the truth, they let me go. seems like my work was not satisfactory. Im numb. Blasting P!nk's music REAL LOUD.
Angry at them fckers but what can I do. They dont want to pay me no more. :(
looking for another job but it isnt easy.

I hate....

hate that time of the month where your back aches so much, you're irritable all the time, there is a constant frown on  your face, high temperature, headaches . Any girl would know what Im talking about. I hate it...hate it...hate it. Why don't guys have this problem?. Why god why?????

I'm going 2 chew on my candy bar and cry :,( *sniff sniff* or just lie in bed and stare at the ceiling. Thank god it lasts for 3 days, 3 miserable days ....aaaaargggh :S


Joined a year ago. Can't believe I'm followed by the one person I admire most in the world and she has replied to me several times too. woohoo. Thanks twitter.:D

Im trying to get to 10,000 followers by the end of this year. I hope my plan works. Gosh I love this woman. She is everything I admire in a woman, strong, loyal, dependable, tough. Shes not afraid to show the world that tough women can be sexy too. I hate it when people slam her for her looks or her opinion. Opinion, I understand, but she's unique and beautiful. Whatever, haters can get f'd for all I care.

Hmmm watched the Jet Li movie warriors last night. Awesome!! Such a great action movie although the chopped hands and blood spewing all over was kinda gross.

Have to sleep early cause Friday is such a shitty day at the office. Okthanxbye.